Christos Faloutsos

Carnegie Mellon University

Christos Faloutsos

Christos Faloutsos is a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has received the Presidential Young Investigator Award by the National Science Foundation (1989), the Research Contributions Award in ICDM 2006, the Innovation Award in KDD 2010, fifteen ``best paper'' awards, and four teaching awards.
He has served as a member of the executive committee of SIGKDD; he has published over 200 refereed articles, 11 book chapters and one monograph. He holds five patents and he has given over 30 tutorials and over 10 invited distinguished lectures. His research interests include data mining for graphs and streams, fractals, database performance, and indexing for multimedia and bio-informatics data.

Mining Billion-node Graphs: Patterns, Generators and Tools

What do graphs look like? How do they evolve over time? How to handle a graph with a billion nodes?
We present a comprehensive list of static and temporal laws, and some recent observations on real graphs (like, e.g., ``eigenSpokes''). For generators, we describe some recent ones, which naturally match all of the known properties of real graphs. Finally, for tools, we present ``oddBall'' for discovering anomalies and patterns, as well as an overview of the PEGASUS system which is designed for handling Billion-node graphs,running on top of the ``hadoop'' system.


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